• ***FEE SCHEDULE UPDATE*** Please sign the updated form in the Questionnaires section of the portal. 
  • Online Appointments: Please find appointment links in the "My Appointments" section of the portal.
  • Medication changes or medication refills: Medication changes occur during appointments only so the clinician can provide informed consent and adequately discuss with the patient.  Out-of-appointment refill requests with no changes to the current regimen may incur a fee (individual circumstances are considered). Being out of medication usually is an indicator that an appointment  is needed. Always feel welcome to an appointment when in doubt to ensure dedicated time is prioritized for an issue.
  • We might encourage an appointment if we have questions about your situation and need to understand it better. 
  • If in doubt, PLEASE err on the side of safety and message the front desk (Danielle or Donna) to help guide you as well. 
  • We try to respond to messages within 48hrs business hours. The patient portal is NOT checked over the weekend or on office holidays. However, we are triaging messages, and the ones that require the most urgent assistance are being attended to first. If you have not heard back, please consider making an appointment or calling us. 
  • If you are having an acute emergency that cannot wait for 24hrs, please seek medical attention. If you are having any safety-related concerns (like feeling unable to keep yourself or another person safe) please seek emergency services by calling 911 or going to the nearest ER. 

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